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Glass bauble "Gentle Star", 10cm

  12.95 €

Glass bauble "Flowers", 8cm

13.95 €

Glass bauble "Fancy", 8cm

8.6 €

About Us

We love the holidays and all our work and art is dedicated to bringing happiness to our clients’ doorstep. Whether it be Christmas or a birthday, Easter or a wedding - doesn’t it fill you with joy to look at a present from a close friend or loved one adorning your work desk, Christmas tree, or mantelpiece? At Faraway Hills, we believe that this present or piece of decor should be truly special, crafted with mastery and love, which is why each item that we sell is of the utmost quality, rather than mass-produced. Our toys, porcelain, ceramics are made by skilled craftsmen, our Christmas decorations by the best German and Czech factories and our paintings are exclusively one-of-a-kind. Each item can become a part of YOUR family history and will fascinate you, your children (and your grandchildren!) for years to come.